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PBMA's H V Desai hospital, is a tertiary eye care centre, with three buildings in its campus, one of which is dedicated for private OPD. This building has four floors, wherein the ground floor is dedicated to Private OPD, Privilege OPD, Phaco follow up OPD, Low vision aid center and preliminary workup room which has keratomery, A Scan, Iol master and Verion, ophthalmic equipments.

Verion, which is a pre-surgical incision planner is a latest ophthalmic equipment from Alcon company which provides detailed assessment of accurate astigmatism and corneal curvatures i.e steep and flat axis.

This helps the surgeon, to plan the incision, wherein the patient can benefit, with least refractive status, after the surgery. Private OPD has been set up to serve patients with less waiting period.

Phaco follow up OPD, is dedicated only for post operative patients who are provided medical care by separate set of doctors, to ensure least stress, maximum comfort and provision of medical assistance for the patients who have been operated upon.

All Super-specialty departments are dedicated in this building including Oculoplasty OPD and Low Vision Aid Centre on the ground floor.

The first floor, belongs, entirely to the Retina department. This includes two separate OPD which run side by side, to manage extra inflow of patients; laser room, barrage laser and PRP etc. One OCT and B Scan room,one FFA room. In addition to this, there is a separate and special OPD for Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) screening for which patients are referred from far off areas. Each room is the responsibility of trained staff, dedicated to their work. The LASIK Centre has been set up recently, on the same floor, where the OPD as well as procedure is been carried out, for the effective and optimal utilization of resources and space.

The second floor is divided into two sections, one for Cornea OPD and other for Glaucoma OPD. The Cornea OPD has a separate room for the special investigations, such as - specular microscopy, pentacam, topography and microscopic evaluation of corneal scrappings, which assist in specific diagnosis and treatment.

The Glaucoma department also has a separate room for Perimetry and Laser room where YAG capsulotomy, YAG PI & SLT procedures are carried out efficiently by our talented team of doctors. Rest of the floors are allotted as guest rooms, for our special guests, visiting our hospital eye as well as accommodation for our resident doctors.

In conclusion, this private building is a hub for all the super speciality departments aided with advanced ophthalmic equipments with latest investigation techniques. This helps us to reach accurate diagnosis and provide specific treatment to patients, thereby enabling us to provide the best possible eye care to our patients.


PBMA's H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, 93, Tarwade Vasti, Mohammadwadi road, Hadapsar, Pune MH 411060 India

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