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Every Needy person gets excellence in eye care.

प्रत्येक गरजू माणसाला चांगली नेत्रसेवा मिळावी.


We are committed to quality, comprehensive eye care with equity, with education and research in eye care.

सर्व थरातील लोकांसाठी सर्वोत्तम दर्जाची व सर्वांना परवडू शकणारी सेवा देणे ही आमची बांधिलकी आहे. त्याचबरोबर शिक्षण आणि संशोधन करणे हे आमचे कार्य आहे.

Core Values

Honesty, ethics, transparency, quality and commitment to cause.

प्रामाणिकपणा, नैतिकता, पारदर्शकता, उत्तम दर्जा व कार्याशी बांधिलकी.

Vision Center Information
Sr. No Vision Center Name Address Contact Person / Mo.No Working Days Time
1 Alandi Jalaram Mandir, Markal Rd, In Front Off Santoshi Mata Temple Shri. Baliram Khandare / 7875988846 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am to 4 pm
2 Kumar OPD Opposite Shinde Chatri, Jagtap Chowk, Wanwadi Sau. Nalini Dattatray Todkar / 9823553839 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm to 6 pm
3 Sangamner 1) Shantinath Sewa Sausthan In Collaboration with H.V. Desai Eye Hospital, Pune, Navrang Baug, Ghulewadi, Near Hotel Prasad ,Sangamner Shri. Pratap Khadse / 7350766883 Monday to Saturday 8 am to 2 pm
4 2)H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, Nandursinghgote, Near Indrayani Lawn Shri. Pratap Khadse / 7350766883 Monday to Saturday 3.00 to 7.00
5 1)Panchgani PBMA's H.V.Desai Specialty Eye Clinic, Shop no 17, Opp. SBI Bank, Shopping Centre,Panchgani-412805. Shri. Shahbaaz Shaikh / 9822009790 Monday & Saturday 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10 am to 2 pm & 4 pm To 8 pm
6 2)Wai PBMA's Netra Chiktsa Seva Kendra, Shop No 5 & 6,Sheti Utapanna Bazaar , Samiti,Wai-412308 Monday & Saturday 10 am to 2 pm
7 3) Mahableshwar PBMA's H.V. Desai Eye Clinic, Mahableshwar-412806 ,1st Floor, Mapro Sales Counter,Shivaji chowk, Mahableshwar Tuesday 10 am to 2 pm & 3 pm to 5 pm
8 Raviwar Peth Fadke House,Near Mes Gujrati School,Raviewar Peth Dr. Anagha Agarwal / 8605956639 Monday To Friday 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday 10 am to 2 pm
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PBMA's H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, 93, Tarwade Vasti, Mohammadwadi road, Hadapsar, Pune MH 411060 India

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Sunday : Closed

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