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Low Vision

Low Vision

The Clinic aims to provide the best possible management for persons with low vision.


What is Low vision?

Best corrected visual acuity of 6/18 or less and / or field of vision of 10 degree or less from point of fixation OR People who are unable to see objects (e.g. a person’s face) beyond maximum of 3m i.e., 10 feet distance (with their spectacle correction) and / or people those who have side vision difficulty are said to have low vision. When ordinary eye glasses, contact lenses or intraocular lens implants cannot provide sharp vision, an individual is said to have low vision. Although reduced central or reading vision is common, low vision may also result from decreased side or (peripheral) vision, a reduction or loss of clarity of vision, or the eye's inability to properly adjust to light or glare.

The Clinic helps in enhancing the existing potential vision of the patients

Difficulties such as

  • Recognizing faces at far distance
  • Watching TV
  • Seeing black board (for students)
  • Reading fine print / writing
  • Computer / Mobile handling tasks
  • Glare problems

Most common conditions seen in the Low Vision clinic

  • Congenital cataract / Aphakia
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Albinism
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Age related macular degeneration(ARMD)
  • Heredomacular degeneration (e.g.: Stargardt’s disease)
  • Glaucoma
  • Nystagmus
  • High Myopia
  • Optic nerve problems (e.g.: Optic atrophy)
  • Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP)


  • Assessment of difficulty level of the patients in performing day-to-day activities
  • Vision assessment
  • Spectacle power check up
  • Testing with Low vision devices (optical and non-optical)
  • Color vision assessment
  • Contrast sensitivity assessment
  • Field of vision assessment

Available Optical devices:

Devices for distance:


  • Monocular telescope (Hand held and Spectacle mounted
  • Binocular telescope
  • SEE TV (Spectacle model telescope)

Devices For Near:

  • Spectacle magnifiers
  • Stand magnifiers
  • Hand held magnifiers
  • Dome magnifiers
  • Fresnel book magnifiers
  • Pocket magnifiers

Available Non-optical devices

  • Adjustable reading Stand
  • Table lamp
  • Notex
  • Typoscope
  • Letter writer
  • Signature guide
  • Talking watch
  • Walking stick
  • Clip-on filters
  • Tinted lenses

Other Assistive Devices:

Talking Watches

Portable CCTV / video magnifier

Computer software (JAWS, MAGIC etc.)

Large print Books

USB Mouse CCTV etc

Additional Info

  • SpecialIties Images: SpecialIties Images


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